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Podcast Appearance: Remote Work in 2020 [Video]

At the end of the workday on March 13, 2020, our small team was summoned to the tiny conference room for an impromtpu chat with management.

It was a peculiar day, as rumors had been swirling around, whispered among those “in the know”, that big news was on the horizon.

Our manager opened with a few remarks about current events, then broke the news that some of us knew was inevitable… we would be working from home for “at least two weeks” and the office would be closed.

Since we worked in tech and already had a few team members who worked remotely, it wasn’t a huge deal for us to make this switch. But it did feel weird to gather all of our equipment – monitors, keyboards, and odds and ends – while thinking about how we would organize our home offices.

As a freelancer since 2007, I was quite familiar with the concept of remote work and took this opportunity in stride. Though I’m sure many others might not have seen this change as a “gift”, I embraced it, and thrived at home.

A part of my job as Content Lead was helping to produce a weekly podcast for the company, and one day in September, I was informed that one of the participants (a tech influencer) wouldn’t be available to record the podcast. Knowing that this week’s topic wasn’t an overly technical one, I volunteered to take the place of the influencer and be a guest on the show.

The video below is my appearance on that podcast, as we discuss the premise “working from home isn’t all that great.”


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