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Look Legit Online eBook

Written in 2013 and updated for 2020, Look Legit Online is an easy-to-follow, 30-day action guide for building an online presence.

When I wrote this eBook, I was desperately trying to narrow down my niche for freelance clients. After several pointless coffee meetups in which time-wasting prospects would drone on about what shade of blue they liked most on websites (while never getting started actually building something!), I knew I wanted those clients who had invested a bit into learning about developing their own web presence before I dove into making it better. I used this eBook as a way to weed out those potential clients who were in the beginning stages of development, as I wanted to focus my efforts on those who could most effectively use my skills.

It’s still a great little eBook, and almost all 30 steps are relevant to building an online presence today. Look-Legit-Online-eCourse

Look Legit Online

  • The steps don’t have to take 30 days, and even if you do only some of the steps
    you’ll improve your business.
  • This e-course contains logical, easily digestible steps that you can do in one sitting. (You
    may have already done some of them!)
  • Some of the steps take 10 minutes… some take up to 2 hours. You decide how little or
    how much time you want to invest in them.
  • You will gain a ton of useful information from this, and almost every action step can be done
  • You’ll also see notes in each step detailing how much time each step takes, how much it
    costs, benefits (why it matters), who to pay to get it done faster, how much to pay to get it
    done, and how to do it yourself.

I hope you enjoy this guide and I hope you see gigantic results! Download the PDF guide for free here: Look-Legit-Online-eCourse


Through digital media creation, Tiffany helps individuals and organizations effectively promote themselves and their brands.

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