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You Are Not Free Salsa. You Are Guacamole, Baby. Guacamole.

You are guacamole

A hush fell over the auditorium where I sat next to my colleagues — other panelists participating in this group interview.

10 interviewees were nervously assembled in the first row as I and the other “judges” sat glaring down at the stage like gargoyles from near the top of the auditorium.

All of the applicants had completed their first interview with me, and being a new director on the management team, I wanted to include my colleagues in the final decision.

Now back to “the hush”… it occurred when this cute, slim thang sauntered up to the podium and began presenting.

The youngest of the 10 applicants, she started by saying,

“Tiffany said I’m [insert concerning trait related to her passivity here] but she’s wrong, and here’s why.”

I felt my face get flushed at that moment as I listened to her demonstrate that I was indeed wrong about her… and when I hired and got to know her, she proved she was much more capable than I had originally assessed. One of the best employees I ever had. 

This young woman had the courage to call me out, and she showed during that group interview that she believed in herself, and was, ultimately, the best person for the job.

She was guacamole in a room full of free salsa.

You are, too.

Know yourself and know your worth.

Remember that you are guacamole, baby!


Through digital media creation, Tiffany helps individuals and organizations effectively promote themselves and their brands.

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