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Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

What do you call an introvert with an engaging personality?


Yep. That describes me pretty well… and I wonder how many others have to reconcile two opposing personality traits as you navigate your career.

Superman vs. Clark Kent

One of the weirdest contradictory combos I’ve had to overcome in my career (and explain… and explain again) is having an enthusiastic, outgoing personality mixed with an almost compulsive need for lots of alone time to reflect, learn, and create.

Managers have seen my relationship-building skills in action and pushed me towards being “the face” of the organization – a salesperson. They wanted an amiable person who could communicate with clients and get those clients to spend more money… and I can do that, rather easily.

But where I really shine is behind the scenes. Researching the client and their industry, learning their needs, and delivering products and services to help them grow.

I’m a content marketer at heart, forever serving my clients in meaningful ways. Yet because of my engaging personality, the roles I’ve had throughout my career have been a mix of marketing AND sales, which offers the unique perspective of knowing the issues that both marketing and sales team members face in their roles and experiences.

Sales and marketing teams have been at odds forever. It’s a tale as old as time. However, you can bridge the gap between these teams if you take time to understand the dynamic and learn to work around the landmines that threaten the relationship.

Bridging the Gap

If you work as a marketer, you’re probably interested in learning how to get better results. My advice is to start building relationships with your sales team, and if you already have the relationship, nurture it! These teams are sometimes on opposite sides of the field, but they can work together like a well-oiled machine if you work to bridge the gap.

In the following blog posts, I discuss how you can benefit from bringing these two teams together. You’ll improve results on the marketing side when you implement some of the guidance in the post Working with Sales to Achieve Marketing Goals and learn how to deepen the relationship with this post, How to Build Trust at Work (with Anyone!) 

And if you’re one of those people who has reconciled two contradictory personality traits, I’d love to hear more about it. What’s YOUR story? Tell me in the comments section.


Through digital media creation, Tiffany helps individuals and organizations effectively promote themselves and their brands.

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