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Reflections on My 36th Year [Video]

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When I first stumbled across Powtoon several years ago, I knew I had finally found a tool that could help me develop more interesting, robust content. By that time, my middle-school-aged son had been working on stop-motion videos to grow his YouTube channel for a few years. His animations made stories come to life, and at that point, he was asked by an author to animate stories that she read to children. 

I witnessed the power my kid wielded through his ability to make characters move on the screen. I wanted a taste of that power, and Powtoon allowed me to have it. 

This was one of the first videos I created using Powtoon. It was the beginning of March, and I was feeling a bit low in anticipation of yet another birthday. I had been a hermit for most of the year, working alone, freelancing, and dealing with the grief of losing several loved ones over the year. Instead of allowing the birthday blues to take over the month (and my mood), I decided to count my blessings, dive into a new tool, and create something to share with my friends and family. 

Look out for my Powtoon review post in which I dive into the pros and cons of using this program for presentations! 



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